The Importance Of Your Reception Area

The Importance Of Your Reception Area

in NEWS AND INTEREST August 21, 2017

Just as a face represents a person, the reception area represents an office or a business, and many failures and successes can depend on that split second when a first impression is formed.

Welcome reception

Every customer, visitor and potential employee who walks through the office doors will get an immediate first impression about the company from the layout, style and presentation of the reception area. As the initial point of contact, it’s important that a good first impression creates a great lasting impression, which is why investing in a quality and professional reception area is a sound business decision.

A reception area that is thoughtfully designed with company values and aesthetics in mind will help set the tone for what visitors can expect from the company. Whether you value innovation and creativity, tradition and elegance, or agility and minimalism, the right reception area creates a lasting visual message.

Understand your target market

The general rule of thumb for businesses when planning a new entrance space is to understand your target audience. Conveying the best possible representation in the reception area is dependent on the type of business being run. Worldwide brands such as Google and Red Bull are renowned for their impressive reception areas, furnishing these spaces with quirky designs and innovative furniture. They reflect the core concept of these companies, which has been a contributory factor in their success and is one of the reasons why everyone is talking about them as forward thinking, dynamic businesses.

Good reception furniture gives an impression that the business has the financial means to support their good taste. But the importance of receptions goes beyond just beautifying the area. In addition to being stylish and communicating the company’s brand values, practical considerations must also be taken into account.
The vital ingredient …. the desk

Perhaps the most important item in a reception area is the reception desk. The first point of call for any workplace should feature eye-catching furnishings and accessories with a reception desk that will reinvigorate an entrance area and reflect the vision and personality of the business. This is why we always recommend to people that they prioritise the reception area with a smart, stylish reception desk when the time is right for an office upgrade.

A good reception desk will cost more than a standard office desk, but the investment is worth it if it helps to develop an image that is aligned to the company’s values. However reception desks can come in many forms, with different shapes, sizes and materials, ranging from wood, glass and even in steel, as well as rectangular, square and even curved variations. Modular reception desks designed for bespoke projects are also becoming increasingly popular as more and more companies realise the significance of the reception area.

Reception desks need to be multi-functional workspaces because this is where many important tasks carried out such as answering phone calls, receiving and sending letters, and of course welcoming visitors. Working with a good reception desk will also give the receptionist a sense of pride and consequently, would do his or her job well. The other employees would also be proud that they are part of an impressive, vibrant company.

A receptionist is essentially the face of the company. They should be comfortable and happy in their working environment so they can represent the company in the best possible manner. The reception desk should also come with adequate storage so the area appears uncluttered and important documents can be kept safe, with technology integration and cable management so wires are not exposed to visitors.

Dams modern reception desk solutions really bring home the wow factor. Welcome is a stunning, angular design in white which shrouds an existing desk or can be bought with an ‘Adapt’ or ‘Maestro 25’ white frame desk. An optional D-end extension adds to the reception unit to give greater access and additional desk workspace. Welcome also allows for a company name and graphics to be added and remote control lighting through the colour spectrum to match your corporate identity.

Denver, by Dams, is a flexible modular unit that can be arranged in a variety of configurations with the desk and hutch units to create a commanding reception feature that will make a good first impression with clients and visitors. Available in a beech finish, cables are managed from the hutch to the desktops with classic design pieces that will inspire people and reassure them that you mean business.

To compliment the reception desk, soft seating or tub chairs can be added to the reception area which will not only enhance the overall appearance but also offer comfortable seating for visitors. Social Spaces is a range of innovative, contemporary, design-led products ideal for receptions, manufactured in the UK by Dams. Investing in soft seating and tables that have an integrated power supply built in can also act as a charging station for guests while they wait.
First impressions count

The reception area is of critical importance for any business. It needs to be a welcoming space for all visitors, from valued customers to prospective new starters arriving for an interview. But the reception area is also where every office day begins for all employees and it should inspire them to be proud about where they work.

Striking the right balance of interior design and furniture solutions can make all the difference in developing new business relationships. The right reception desk, together with some comfortable soft seating and tables for visitors to rest in comfort can set the standard for hospitality and extend outward to the rest of the workplace.

No matter how great the company is, or how interested customers are, if the front of house looks scruffy and dated, then it is bound to put potential customers off, even if the rest of the office is a proverbial wonderland of design and technology.
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